Where You End and Your Characters Begin

A major part of Live to Tell is Stephen’s marriage to Grace. We’re introduced to Stephen when they’re on the verge of separation, Grace indignant about his long absences on his book tour, and Stephen full of animosity for her threatening to walk.

Expensive Patients Need Not Stay

There was a day without health insurance. You simply paid the doctor $7.00 (1956 price for an office visit), and you got the quality care from the physician that you needed.

Why I Write Science Fiction

There are many genres in literature; and many more sub genres within these categories. And though I have written stories in most of them, I prefer writing science fiction. Here is why:

The Rules of Arcana

In writing genre, it’s important to be consistent in how the mechanics of that genre works. In this blog, I’m going to look at the rules of arcana (ie, ‘magic’) as it pertains to the kingdom of Altria where the Fairy Tale Case Files (William Tenys novels) are based.

Stick Out Your ‘Getting Published’ Magnet

Getting published can be a daunting season in getting your story out to the world, but it’s really good news, as much as it is necessary. If this is the publishing route you’re going to take, I present a few things worth keeping in mind at this critical time.

The Publishing Game

So, you’ve written a book, edited it, loved it and hated it (hopefully more love than hate…), and are ready to send it out to a publisher.

Write Your Book in the Genre that Appeals to You

When writing your book, choose the writing genre that interests you, even if it isn’t a popular genre. You will be more satisfied during the writing process, which will make for a more compelling story.

OMG: Paranormal Intervention

Writing a paranormal novel can open a can of ghostly encounters, and that in and of itself can give you more material, even though some of it can be unwelcome.

Making Your Mark

When they tell you “publishing is the easy part” you never believe them, not even a little, until you stumble past what you think is a finish line but is actually the start of some long-distance trek you feel by no means prepared for.