Looking to get Published? The Rules Have Changed

Before the advent of online ebook publishing, the publishing industry was in an entirely different realm. There were two main roads: traditional and self-publishing. Then the Internet came and everything changed. Now, all bets are off

Don’t Be Afraid of Twitter Marketing!

If you don’t know anything about marketing with social media, it can feel like a daunting task. But with a little research, I’ve learned quite a bit about an important platform: Twitter. Here I’m going to share with you a few of the Twitter marketing tips that I’ve learned.

Writing the Sell

What does it take to sell a story? What do you need and where should you go? What is the best method and how does one achieve said method? Well, in my short stint as published, I’ve learned there are many and all of them are pretty hard. Get ready to roll your sleeves you because the easy part is definitely over.

Creating an Author Page on Facebook

Having had your book accepted for publication, you now need to get the word out about it. Creating an author page on Facebook is one way of helping with social marketing.

Medics Become Detectives in this Thriller

This post introduces the main characters of the thriller novel, Reducing the Cost of Healthcare (At the Cost of Health). It also outlines some of the risks that threaten the Conway clan, and how they use their education and wits to stay safe.

Where You End and Your Characters Begin

A major part of Live to Tell is Stephen’s marriage to Grace. We’re introduced to Stephen when they’re on the verge of separation, Grace indignant about his long absences on his book tour, and Stephen full of animosity for her threatening to walk.

Expensive Patients Need Not Stay

There was a day without health insurance. You simply paid the doctor $7.00 (1956 price for an office visit), and you got the quality care from the physician that you needed.

Why I Write Science Fiction

There are many genres in literature; and many more sub genres within these categories. And though I have written stories in most of them, I prefer writing science fiction. Here is why: