3 Ways to Ruin a Romance!

Pet peeves…oh, I have so many! As a reader, I can’t stand to see certain things in books. As an author, it’s so much worse, because I know how much hard work goes into writing and editing a novel, and sometimes it just feels like an author gave up, or that they didn’t put as much effort into their work as they could have.

A Second Chance of What Could Have Been

Who has experienced ‘the one that got away’? Maybe not everyone… but for those who have, Imprisoned Hearts (part of the Romance Collectible book Bewitched Love) is a story for those who had that someone who was let go and then always wondered what things might have looked like had different choices been made.

Do Your Research

Every author and writer to some extent give a “tip of the hat” to other works or authors that have inspired them. Even the greats have referenced or paid homage to others.