Making Your Mark

When they tell you “publishing is the easy part” you never believe them, not even a little, until you stumble past what you think is a finish line but is actually the start of some long-distance trek you feel by no means prepared for.

Getting Past the Eagle Eye of the Publisher

There are two things that are almost guaranteed to get your hard work thrown in the slush pile – poor editing and formatting that doesn’t meet the guidelines set out by the publisher.

The Importance of the Book Cover in Promoting Books

In my time cruising around the various blogs about getting published, I see that many people talk about the importance of things like press releases and pre-promotion and events, but not nearly as much about covers and finding the right covers (and the right artists).

3 Ways to Ruin a Romance!

Pet peeves…oh, I have so many! As a reader, I can’t stand to see certain things in books. As an author, it’s so much worse, because I know how much hard work goes into writing and editing a novel, and sometimes it just feels like an author gave up, or that they didn’t put as much effort into their work as they could have.

Novel Ideas

Starting 2017 with an offer from a publisher really threw me into a huge, unexpected learning curve.

Out of Your Depth

The Author – Caitlin TurpinSalvage of Rapha is my first little fiction-baby, and I’m as excited now as I was a year ago when I sent it out to play with the hordes of science fiction already out there