Facebook as a Promotional Tool

Author C.J. PiattiBeing an author is very a competitive occupation. I read the statistic that fewer than one percent of people that want to become authors ever succeed. So using social media is essential for any author that wants to make a living at writing. On the other hand, you don’t want time spent on social media cutting into your writing time too much. The number of followers you have on Facebook and Twitter can be important to some publishers. Facebook can be better than Twitter as you are not limited by the 140 character limit. With Facebook you can provide much more content; including full blogs, your novels cover, or book trailer of your fantasy novel.  

Comments made about your book cover or trailer can be very useful when it comes time to do this for your next novel. Try to be fun, not pushy or forceful when promoting your fantasy book. You can do this by using the words buy and sell sparingly. You should set up a fan page for Facebook – it shouldn’t be done on your regular account – you can even get people to sign up for your newsletter on it. I recommend googling how to set up a fan page and authors newsletter. You don’t have to wait until you have your fantasy novel published before you set up a fan page on Facebook; in fact, you should do it before as it takes a long time to build up an audience. Once you have an audience, be sure to interact with them and keep your content fresh. Even with a fan page you will also need an author’s website.  These can be great tools to promote a new book, book launch party or a book signing.

Book 3D The Wizard's Roman RevolutionYou can keep things interesting by posting how you felt about a book you recently read or a movie you saw. Be sure to respond to fans questions. Photos can also keep things interesting. Always be sure to comment on the photos you post. Don’t be afraid to ask your readers their opinions as well. You can talk about some good experiences you had with some writer’s retreats or groups. By keeping things positive you will attract positive feedback. Be sure to limit yourself to one fan page. On your Facebook fan page don’t forget to post a link to you author website. Happy trails, happy posting!

~C.J. Piatti

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