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Author - Caitlin TurpinIt’s been a little over a year since The Salvage of Rapha was published. I’m no expert at marketing yet.

But, like every other millennial, I’ve grown up on the receiving end of it. While I don’t imagine I’m conscious of every bit of tailored marketing I receive, I do know this: if it feels too much like marketing, it can backfire.

It goes without saying that if you want to share your art with the world, you’ve got to, well, share it! But getting the word out is one thing; hammering it too hard is another. Nobody likes pushy marketing. You could drive your audience away by bothering them, and you certainly don’t want to sabotage yourself by giving the impression that your book needs the hype, that it isn’t good on its own.

If you believe your book is worth reading (and of course you do, because it is!) then you can believe it will be read and loved. All it needs is to be made available. To me, the quiet confidence of an artist who doesn’t beg for exposure or sales speaks loudly about the quality of the art.

Sharing your art is personal. Why add distance by, well, trying to sell to your readers? Geek out with them instead. What you and your readers find mutually interesting is likely the same stuff that made your book something you loved writing and they’ll love reading. Talk about what you love and, odds are, your book will come up in conversation.

Book - 3D The Salvage of RalphaThe publicity events I’ve held that have gotten by far the most interest and participation have been structured this way. I held a flash fiction contest in April of 2016 – it was nothing directly related to the story or characters of The Salvage of Rapha; instead it was a way for my readers (artists, writers, scientists, and glorious nerds all of them) and I to get crazy and have fun writing fiction together.

“Marketing” gets the word out. Shared passion is what can kickstart something as formidable as a fandom.

So to all my fellow geeks: if anyone wants to talk for hours about Captain America movies, you know where to find me.

~ C. J. Turpin

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