When More Than Love became More than a Class Project

author - Mary Frances Cavallaro cropped 2English Literature was always my forte – so much so that it was my college major. Along with courses on Chaucer, Shakespeare, and the greats, I had to take a creative writing course. In high school, I wrote sappy and “angsty” love poems, which were truly laughable, but that was the extent of my writing. I never wrote anything serious prior to this class. I never thought one of my works would be a new release for Kellan Publishing!

My romance novel, More Than Love, started in my college’s creative writing class. I was assigned to write a short story, which, like any other author, I decided to pull inspiration from my life experiences. There was a lot happening at this time of my life. Romance played a huge part. Despite my admiration of the macabre, akin to Poe, I was a hopeless romantic. With every high, however, there is a low. You can see me pour my heart on my sleeve on every page of More Than Love.

book - 3D More Than LoveAfter submitting my assignment, I found myself not being able to stop writing More Than Love. It was therapeutic; it helped me get through a really rough break up. I know, how cliché, right? Sappiness and “woe is me” aside, during this semester, I was desperate for work. I started researching freelance writing. It would have just been something to make a few dollars in hopes of affording the very expensive textbooks. I eventually stumbled upon Elance, now referred to as Upwork. This is where I found Kellan Publishing.

Before I knew it, I was calling myself a romance author. Me! Now, this was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I will never forget the feeling of being given a contract for my romance book. It did not take very long for reality to set in, though. As exciting as this was, I had just signed a contract to finish my romance book during my senior year of college. This was the same semester I was in the musical, a Resident Assistant (RA), student teaching, working off-campus, and writing my senior seminar research paper.

It was the longest semester of my life. I would be lying to you, though, if I said it was not worth it. The stress, the time management, the late hours and sleepless nights. I would do it all again. I can – and do – proudly call myself a romance author for Kellan Publishing.

Please read my romance novel, More Than Love and follow me here. Also you can check out my page on the Kellan Publishing site and my other work “The Tale of Callista Vagare” in Bewitched Love.

Banner - Mary Frances Cavallaro

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