Don’t Be Afraid of Twitter Marketing!

Author - Andrea ChurchillAlright, I’ll admit it. My social media marketing hasn’t been so great. I know that as an author I’m supposed to utilize social media daily to market my book with Kellan Publishing, The Lerewood. But honestly? I’m a bit uneducated when it comes to social marketing. One of my goals this year was to step up my marketing game and be consistent about it, so obviously my first step was to do some research.  I came across a few articles that talked about Twitter and why it’s probably the most important social media platform for authors, so I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned, in a nutshell.

So here’s something I didn’t know: when you post something on your Facebook page, whether it’s your author page or a fan page for your book, Facebook has this algorithm that actually prevents a percentage of your followers from seeing the post unless you pay Facebook to promote it. What??? And get this…the more frequently you post on Facebook, the more your post’s ‘score’ suffers…which basically means that your posts won’t show up on your followers’ news feed. After learning about that, it kind of makes me feel like all my Facebook marketing efforts have been for nothing. I know that if I’m going to work on my marketing, I should at least start with a platform that isn’t going to make things difficult for me. Enter Twitter!

Book - 3D The LerewoodTwitter doesn’t have anything to hold you back. Your tweets are public and can be seen by everyone for free, and you can tweet as often as you like. The only thing is that you have to schedule your tweets at the right time to reach the most people—for example, Twitter traffic increases dramatically after 2pm. And tweeting several times a day at the right times sounds like too much work, right? Well, apparently there are these apps such as HootSuite which allows you to write a whole bunch of tweets, and then schedule them to be posted at specific times and days. The app posts them for you so you don’t have to worry about it!

But what do you tweet about? You can tell people when you’re having a book signing or a live chat, you can tell people about your writing process or your progress as you write your second or third or fourth book…and of course you can tweet about your personal life. The options are endless, really. But with Twitter, it’s important to build relationships. Follow your favorite authors, publishers, editors, book critics. If you read a book that you loved, tweet the author of that book and tell them about it! Do your best to connect with people in any way you can. That’s what will build your following. Don’t think of followers as your fans…think of them as your friends. Who’s more likely to buy your new book when it comes out? Strangers who you’ve never spoken to before, or your online friends? Makes sense, no?

Well, those are my tips on Twitter marketing. It’s amazing how much you learn with a little research—I no longer feel afraid to tackle Twitter, and it doesn’t sound as confusing as it did before. I’m going to apply my new knowledge and hopefully, I’ll be able to build some new relationships with the help of Twitter. Wish me luck!

~Andrea Churchill

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