Creating an Author Page on Facebook

author - TM WagenmakerWhen I found out that I would have Singularity and Survival published by Kellan Publishing, one of the first things I did was create an “author page” on Facebook to help with social marketing.

Kellan Publishing is committed to publishing first-time authors and authors who have something to say but do not have the name recognition or experience of big name authors. It is not a large publishing company. Large companies have an advertising budget. Popular authors have an established following. But almost all other authors have to spread the word themselves about their book. This isn’t easy, as fellow Kellan Publishing Author K. L. Dimago notes in one of her blogs. However, this is where living in today’s world is an asset compared to pre-internet days. Through some social marketing, which is available free of charge, a first-time author can get the word out about their book.

But an author needs more than just to have word spread: he (or she) needs a place where people can go to find out more about the book and the author, as well as to follow the author’s further publications, if they desire. Not only that, but how many persons can ask John Grisham (or pick any big-name author) a question and receive an answer back in moments? As news spreads via word-of-mouth, an author’s page on Facebook provides presence for the author and an opportunity for readers to interact with the author.

book - 3D Singularity and SurvivalIt is easy to set-up an author’s page on Facebook. Assuming you already have a personal Facebook account, and are using a web-browser on a computer instead of on a mobile device, simply choose “Create Page” from the drop down arrow at the top-right of your Facebook “home page” (it’s the downward facing arrow immediately to the right of the question mark in a circle).

As you set up this Facebook page, keep in mind that Facebook’s goal as a company is to make money. They can (and will?) use whatever information you give them to accomplish that goal. Is this a sufficient trade-off for having a free (to you) public platform as an author? That’s something you have to decide, and you should decide before you create the page.

Facebook will then walk you through creating your page, beginning with what type of page you want to create. Choose the lower-left option, “Artist, Band, or Public Figure,” after all, as a published author you are now a public figure as well as an artist. Choose “Author” as your category by clicking the “Choose a category” box. Then, fill in your pen name.  Before you click the box “Get Started,” make sure you read the “Facebook Pages Terms.”

Once you choose to “get started,” Facebook asks you to upload two types of photos or artwork that will serve as your “picture” as well as your page’s “picture.” If you do not have a photo ready, you can skip these steps and add the photos later. Upon doing this, you are at your page, and ready to customize it according to your needs and desires. Take some time to explore and experiment with it. And, if at the end of it all, you decide you don’t want this, simply click on “Settings” at the top-right, select “General” from the top-left of the options presented, scroll to the bottom and select “Remove Page.” Then click on the link “Delete [author’s name] and click the box “Delete Page” and then click the “OK” box, and it is gone.

By following these steps you can create your own author page on Facebook, which will help you to get the word out about your book using social marketing.

~ T.M. Wagenmaker

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