OMG: Paranormal Intervention

Author - cheryle LinturnSusan whispered, “Oh, mother wants you dead, yes she does. You need to be dead. Revenge, because of father, what father did. Mother wants all of his offspring dead, yes, she does.” Her hands flew up into the air in joy. “Not the women, no, just the bad boys.”

~Chapter 5~

 When Kellan Publishing published Vanishing Blue the novel could’ve been just another paranormal book, but just like in the movies it’s what happened behind the scenes that influenced the outcome of the story. That influence drove the characters and the author, Cheryle L. Linturn down some strange roads in the fictional story and in the physical world. Writing a paranormal novel can open a can of ghostly encounters, and that in and of itself can give you more material, even though some of it can be unwelcome.

I heard the printer spitting out the first three chapters of my first paranormal mystery, Vanishing Blue. The smell of the paper and holding the newborn characters in my hand was magical. They were my babies, my world, and my creation. I guess you could say, I enjoyed developing a fictitious world brought on by an actual paranormal incident. I was a mastermind who travelled across different planes and listened to the whispers of strange voices, transforming those experiences into the written word, to be read by millions, through Kellan Publishing. Then it happened…I freaked out. Let’s just say, for me, writing about the paranormal lead to technical difficulties.

I chose to write paranormal books, because of my own experiences with the supernatural world, thus stimulating a vast interest into the unexplainable. The three chapters I held in my hands were just that, unexplainable. Although, I enjoy a mystery, the chapters were pages of sporadic print with no reasonable explanation. Could Sadie, alias Vanishing Blue sabotaged the foundation of her own fabricated story? Frankly, I wasn’t sure.

The first two pages appeared fine, the next three only had two paragraphs on the entire page, then print as usual, then one sentence per page, and I could go on all day, but I won’t. I think you get the message. Oh, I did all the work that ghost busters use in an investigation: ink fine, print clear, pages in properly, and let’s keep in mind I was ghost writing another novel. No problems with that one, perhaps, because I was the ghost writing.Book - 3D Vanishing Blue

It wasn’t hard keeping track where fact met fiction, because the paranormal world, no matter how much I believe in it, it might still be interpreted as fiction in some of my readers opinions. I placed a series of small supernatural events throughout the novel that I’d experienced over the years and have enough material to continue using Claire O’Leary who sees herself as Cheryle L. Linturn, (maybe it’s the other way around) from the book Vanishing Blue as my liaison to deliver more paranormal mysteries.

Vanishing Blue is for the reader who loves a mystery, and believes in paranormal events, and for readers who only enjoy experiencing the paranormal without stepping out of the pages of an enjoyable book and into a physical world they prefer not to visit. As for writing about the paranormal, that’s a different story-for me it was more of a technical safari. An adventure packed with frustrating encounters, rising from computer issues that were continuous during the writing of Vanishing Blue, even after a complete rebuild of said computer, to layout changes, print size shifting mid page, but I survived, and so did Vanishing Blue.

~Cheryle L. Linturn

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