A Second Chance of What Could Have Been

K.L. Dimago 2She wanted to be with him again. If being apart all this time had taught her one thing, it was how much she really loved him. She had had to foolishly let him go for her to learn it. And silently, she promised to herself that if David ever let her back in completely, she would never, ever again let him go. She would never make the mistake of hurting him like that ever again. If he did give her a do-over… The thought would be almost too good to be true.

~Excerpt from Chapter 5

Who has experienced ‘the one that got away’? Maybe not everyone… but for those who have, Imprisoned Hearts (part of the Romance Collectible book Bewitched Love) is a story for those who had that someone who was let go and then always wondered what things might have looked like had different choices been made. Of course, there’s an added flair of magic and a little conflict to spice things up, but ultimately, it’s a story of two people who have a second chance at what could’ve been.

Imprisoned Hearts was a slight memento to a part of my own past and my escaped high school romance. We had crazy imaginations and spent a lot of time thinking of ourselves in an alternate world where we had magic and adventures. So you could even say that the characters in Imprisoned Hearts reflect that, though they are quite different in personas and their life events.3D Bewitched Love

The above scene in particular is a good summary of the main character, Emily’s emotions throughout the story. I’m not sure how I or anyone would actually react or feel in her particular situation… but I imagine it would be full of emotional turmoil. And Imprisoned Hearts certainly has that!

As the story develops, we see Emily face her past decisions and come to terms with them as well as make decisions about her current situation. She is faced with the choice to help David, her past lover, or walk away. And then she has to decide whether she wants to pursue her passion for him or not. And David goes through a similar dilemma.

Imprisoned Hearts was a lot of fun for me to write, partially because it taps into something I think most people don’t experience. And it also explores an experience felt and imagined by those who have had that one person that got away, even if that sounds a little cliché.

~ K.L. Dimago

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